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You can look forward to a harmonious experience of rare finesse when drinking Trebbiano wines.

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Trebbiano is an Italian dry, white wine and grape celebrated for its tart acidy and subtle flavors. The grape itself is a hardy, high-yield variety that has been a staple of diets and winemaking since the time of the Roman empire. Even the famed ancient Roman philosophy and naturalist Pliny the Elder wrote about the vigor of this historical fruit.

About Trebbiano Info


Other wines are often famed for their flavors and aromas, but Trebbiano wine greets the tongue with a humble taste.


It is not overly distinguished by flavor or smell but instead praised for its crisply high acidity. This puts Trebbiano wines in the unique position to excel when blended. They are often used to balance overly-rich wines with a complimenting tartness. 


The Trebbiano grape has wide use in other alcohols and foods. Cognac and balsamic vinegar also use this juicy fruit. Insightful tasters will take note of the flavors in common among these products, a result of the ingredient they share. 


Though made famous in Italy, the Trebbiano grape’s hardiness has made it a world traveler, and it is one of the leading grape crops in the world. This has led to many different regional varieties of grape that shape the resulting wine. 


Three noteworthy Trebbiano grapes are:

  • Trebbiano Toscano is an amber-gold fruit and the most common of the three. It produces the classic tart, but subtle-flavored wine Trebbiano is most famous for.

  • Trebbiano Romagnolo is used widely in France’s Emilia-Romagna region as an essential recipe in blended wines.

  • Trebbiano d’Abruzzo is the exception to the rule. Wine from these grapes breaks the traditional Trebbiano mold by combining the classic high acidity with a robust fruit flavor.


The light straw color of Trebbiano attractively shines when poured into a glass. A subtle aroma that hints of minerals, chamomile, and herbs will greet you, but the true testament to this wine’s success is in the animating tartness it presents to the palate.


You can look forward to a harmonious experience of rare finesse when drinking this wine.


Trebbiano pairs well with buttery and nutty flavored foods like other dry white wines. Avoid acidic or spicy flavors as they would quickly overwhelm the palate when combined with the already very tart Trebbiano.


Excellent pairings include:

  • Dishes with creamy cheese. Lasuna or Cacio e Pepe.

  • Seafood. Shellfish like crab, lobster, or shrimp.

  • Light Mederteriannian dishes. Antipasto, fruits, or olives.

  • Desserts. Ice cream or baked sweets.


What is Trebbiano Wine Like?

  • Light to medium-bodied

  • High acidity 

  • Medium alcohol level

  • Subtle aroma

  • Taste of citrus, apple, and salt

Is Trebbiano Sweet or Dry?

Trebbiano is a dry white wine with low sugar content but makes a name for itself because of high acidity levels.

Should Trebbiano be Chilled?

Trebbiano is best enjoyed chilled. The ideal range to serve this medium-bodied wine is between 10-12°F (50-55 °F), briskly below room temperature.

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