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This wine is a favorite among winemakers and connoisseurs alike.

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Chardonnay is a fruity, dry white wine vinified from the green Chardonnay grape, both of which are namesakes of a small town in the Burgandy region of France. It is the most widely distributed type of wine globally, owing to the resilience of its grape and the richness of its flavors. 

About Chardonnay Info


This wine is a favorite among winemakers and connoisseurs alike. 


Its versatility of taste and adaptable nature has contributed to its worldwide appeal. Every vineyard's Chardonnay is one of a kind due to its soil, climate, and the individual artistry of the craftsmen. 


Though consumed for hundreds of years, this wine has enjoyed tremendous success since the 1990s and even became a popular girl's name for a time.


Chardonnay is a winemaker's grape. Meaning the resulting wine is highly adaptable and can be used creatively by each winemaker to produce a unique offering. 


The two main variables in Chardonnay are:


  • Complex fruity flavor due to climate: Where the grapes are grown is a significant factor in their characteristics. Cooler areas of the world will result in wine with citrus, apple, or pear tastes. Typically they have less alcohol content. On the other hand, warmer climates will have tropical fruit flavors like pineapple and papaya while featuring a higher alcohol ratio.

  • Secondary flavors from the aging process: Winemakers choose different sizes, types, toast levels, and origins of barrels to age their creations in, which can add nuances of flavor to the final product. A Chardonnay could have added vanilla, coconut, or spice flavors based on their choices.


Chardonnay gives a striking first impression with its straw yellow coloring with green reflections. However, even before you sip, the nuanced aroma of apples, pears, and flowers will foreshadow its fruity taste. 


You can look forward to a fresh and complex palate, both elegant and creamy.


Chardonnay pairs well with buttery and nutty flavored foods and goes poorly with spicy and acidic flavors.


Excellent pairings include:

  • Bold cheeses: Bleu cheese, hard cheddar, Camembert, or goat cheese

  • Seafood: Shellfish like crab, lobster, or shrimp

  • White meats: Grilled chicken and pork chops


What is Chardonnay Wine Like?

  • Medium to full-bodied

  • Moderate acidity 

  • Medium alcohol level

  • Fruity aroma and flavors

Is Chardonnay Sweet or Dry?

  • Medium to full-bodied

  • Moderate acidity 

  • Medium alcohol level

  • Fruity aroma and flavors

Chardonnay vs. Pinot Grigio

Their appearance in the glass may convey similarities, but these two types of wine a very different in taste and complexity. 


  • Chardonnay is made from a green grape and Pinot Grigio from a grey-blue one.

  • Chardonnay is considered fruity, but Pinot Grigio is sour and light.

  • Chardonnay pairs well with buttery and nutty flavors, while Pinot Grigio excels when accompanied by fresh and light foods.

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