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Often referred to as Tuscany's hidden secret, the Maremma is a romantic haven.

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    Maremma Wine Info

    Maremma Toscana wines cover an extensive array of styles springing from a quaint province in Tuscany. Often referred to as Tuscany's hidden secret, the Maremma is a romantic haven. 


    This once marshy area now boasts rich soils and moisture-free climates. The Maremma is one of Italy's driest and sunniest places, but a consistent breeze from the sea and altitude makes the summers beyond bearable. In addition, the hills, sea, and wind keep the soil rich with minerals. 


    Mature and high-quality wine grapes are abundant due to the climate and seacoast fostering fertile soil. Signature grapes include red Tuscan classics such as Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Cabernet Franc, while white wines feature Rebbiano Toscano and Vermentino. 


    Maremma was born with forests and marshes; it was not the picture of a fine wine-producing region. It wasn't until the 1700's that the area became rehabilitated and encouraged optimal crop growing environments. From then on, winemakers have experienced the quality crops the Maremma cultivates.


    First established in 2011, Maremma Toscana's DOC officially went into action in 2014 to protect the Maremma Toscana name. As a result, all cultivated vineyards in the region of Grosseto can produce wine under the Maremma Toscana name.


    Grape varieties of Maremma Toscana Red include:


    Cabernet Sauvignon




    Alicante or Grenache




    In addition to generic white, grape varies fo the Maremma Toscana white include:







    The current flexibility in regulations makes Maremma Toscana wine genuinely stand out. The reds have an intense ruby red color and an elegant aroma suggestive of cherries and rose petals. 


    Maremma Toscana wine is aged in oak barrels which helps to increase the flavor. It is the perfect balance between smooth and fruity and great for pairing with many different dishes. Many describe the innovative variety of Maremma Toscana wines as being crisp and fresh, in part thanks to the sunny climate of Maremma. 


    What is Maremma Toscana Wine?

    Tuscany is a large region in Italy, but Maremma is an often-overlooked region made inside of Tuscany. Maremma Toscana covers a wide range of red and white wines from this area. 

    What is Maremma Toscana Wine Like?

    Maremma Toscana wine is a blend of many varietals made from only the best quality grapes. Rich and full-bodied, Maremma Toscana is an excellent complement to red meat dishes or savored on its own.

    Is Maremma Toscana Dry or Sweet?

    Maremma Toscana wines tend to be dry. However, Tuscany is known for its sweet wines. Therefore, producing different styles, such as harvesting the wine grapes later in the season and using dried grapes, results in a sweeter Maremma Toscana.

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