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An outstanding cuvée conceived as the Tuscan answer to the very trendy Ripasso. This extremely successful composition of Sangiovese [structure], fully ripe Merlot [fruit], and Cabernet Franc [flavor] comes across as a perfectly coordinated orchestra. Thanks to its perfect harmony, it is very well received and has developed into a bestseller within a very short time! 

CAPATO Maremma BIO 2023 | Ars Nobilis

  • CAPATO Maremma | Fattoria di Magliano


    Organic Certified

    60% Sangiovese

    30% Merlot

    10% Cabernet Franc

    Aged 6 to 9 months in French Oak

    13% Vol.


  • Its color is beautiful, dark ruby ​​red. Fantastic to the nose. Intense, fully ripe fruit notes of cherries, plums, exotic spices, as well as a wide range of berries and fruits paired with a pinch of vanilla and subtle aromas are the proper prelude to a mighty pleasurable experience. A velvety, seductive and juicy tannin structure in combination with a convincingly fruity, balsamic, and elegant structure forms the backbone. Its grandiose finale with its deep and long-lasting fruit flavor leaves no questions unanswered. The finesse-rich CAPATO is a modern and seductive trend wine with class and race! Without a doubt, a formidable experience for the nose and palate!

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