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A place known for its ancient stone huts, charming countryside, and distinctive red wines.

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Primitivo di Manduria is one of the most iconic regions of Italy. Located in the Southern part of Puglia, this area is known for its ancient stone huts, charming countryside, and distinctive red wines.

About Primitivo


With a combination of fertile soil and sufficient heat, Primitivo di Manduria wine is a red-wine DOC produced from Primitivo grapes, an ancient vine of Croatian origin. The magnificent vineyards for Primitivo di Manduria wine found their ideal and unique habitat in this region that’s usually hot and dry. Besides the ancient vineyards, your eyes will enjoy the coastal topography mainly consisting of sloping plains and fortified farms that were once military outposts.


Primitivo di Manduria received its designation in 1974, making it one of the oldest 15 or so DOCs in Italy’s heel. Since then, there have been a variety of styles, including dry, semi-sweet or sweet.


Primitivo Dry Wines

Some of the more classic, dry style Primitivo wines include:


  • Actarus Primitivo di Manduria

  • Primitivo Epicuro

  • Grifone Primitivo


Primitivo Semi-Sweet Wines

To create the semi-sweet flavor, some sugar is left in the wine before it’s converted into alcohol, resulting in lower alcohol content and a distinct sweetness. One semi-sweet style includes:


  • Primitivo di Puglia


Primitivo Sweet Wine

The year 2010 marked a milestone for the Puglia region with their first DOCG wine. It’s a naturally sweet version of the wine known as:


  • Primitivo di Manduria Dolce Naturale


Although there are various ways of defining the character of a wine, the five fundamental characteristics are:


The amount of sugar left after the wine has fermented will determine the wine’s sweetness. Primitivo di Manduria can be made dry, semi-sweet, or sweet.


The tingling or fizzy sensations can often be attributed to the acidity of the wine. With Primitivo di Manduria you get a fruit-forward taste with refreshing acidity.


When it comes to dry-style wines, the bitterness comes from the tannin. Primitivo di Manduria has exceptionally high tannins, fruity notes, along with pepper and floral aromas.


The most significant contributor to a wine’s character is the alcohol content. The Primitivo grapes that grow in Puglia’s hot and arid climate produce very concentrated grapes high in sugar. The alcohol content in Primitivo di Manduria can range from 13% to 15%.


The variety, vintage, region, and alcohol content all make up the body of the wine. Primitivo di Manduria is considered almost always full-bodied due to its ability to accumulate sugar rapidly while ripening in the vineyard.


Is Primitivo Di Manduria Wine Sweet or Dry?

The beauty of Primitivo grapes is that, depending on the desired result, they can produce dry, semi-sweet, or sweet wines.

What Foods Pair Well With Primitivo di Manduria?

Primitivo di Manduria pairs well with:


  • Fillet steak with green pepper

  • Barbecued meats

  • Brisket

  • Pasta with grilled vegetables

  • Lasagna

Is Primitivo The Same As Zinfandel?

While both come from the same grape, Primitivo, the difference is in the soil and climate variations of the grapes that produce each wine. Primitivo counts on extremely high tannins, creating fruity notes along with pepper and floral aromas. 

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