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Viura grapes are known for their variety of tastes; they can be fresh, floral, or aromatic when harvested early.


Viura is a white-wine grape variety found throughout the Rioja regions of North Central Spain and the Languedoc-Rousillon region of France. Grown on both sides of the Pyrenees mountains, it is identified by two different names. On the Spanish side of the Pyrenees, it is known as Viura, but it is more commonly known as Macabeo on the French side.


Spain’s Rioja region is vast enough to cover 54,000 hectares encompassing three different wine communities, including La Rioja, Basque Country, and Navarre. 


While this region has many different terrains, grapevines are grown predominantly in open plains, terraces, and hillsides. The best vines grow in neutral soil and have a PH between 6.6 and 8.6.


The climate also contributes to the quality of viura wines. Mostly continental with just a hint of the Mediterranean, the vines grow in hot and dry summers with moderate rainfall of around 400 to 550 mm per year.

About Viura


Rioja produces three white varieties: Viura, White Grenache, and Malvasia Riojana, but it is the Viura that has dominated since 1925, representing more than 95% of all white grapes from the region. It is by far the most widely planted white grape in Spain.


The Viura vine buds break later than other white wine varieties, so it is hearty enough to resist the threat of spring frosts. However, because the vines tend to over-produce with tight bunches, they have to be handled with expert care to prevent the possibility of rot. To create a healthy white wine, they need to be harvested early and usually produce a 12 to 13% alcohol content.



Sauvignon Blanc

Garnacha Blanca


Maturana Blanca

Tempranillo Blanco



In addition to the standard generic wine varieties, blends are also quite popular.




Pinot Noir





Viura grapes are known for their variety of tastes; they can be fresh, floral, or aromatic when harvested early and then aged in stainless steel receptacles. They can also take on a heavier weighty taste, honeyed and nutty if they have a later harvest and are aged in oak.


It is believed that the VIURA grape originated in the Ebro Valley catchment area. 


What is Viura Wine Like?

Also known as Macabeo, Viura is a wine produced from a vigorous and high-yielding variety of white wine grapes found predominantly in Spain and France.

Today’s Viura wines have a rich and creamy texture with the aroma of a mixture of wildflowers, citrus, and stone fruit and a hint of grapefruit, lemons, apricots, and pear. Aged in oak barrels also adds notes of vanilla to the flavor.

Is Viura Dry or Sweet?

There are different styles of Virtua wine, which can include dry white table wine, sweet wine, and sparkling. Because of its neutral flavor profile is often blended with other white varieties to make a wide range of combinations.

What Foods Should You Pair It With?

The younger and fresher style varieties pair well with the bold flavors and acidity found in many Korean and Vietnamese dishes. The older and more mature wines can be paired with heavier meats like roasts, chicken, and hearty soups and stews.

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