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Pujanza wines are magnificent, profound and always reflect their origins.  Thanks to their individuality and wealth of finesse, they belong to the elite quality found in Rioja.


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    Named after its wine region in Spain, Rioja stretches throughout three landlocked provinces in North Central Spain: La Rioja, Alava, and Navarre. Within these provinces are three sub-regions of Rioja; each produces a unique climate and wine. 


    A wine enthusiast might consider Rioja a legacy. In 1925, Rioja was named the first and oldest Designation of Origin in Spain. Later, in 1991, it became the first to earn Calificada status. 


    Traditional Rioja is predominantly made a red wine but can also be white, pink, and rarely sparkling. It is classified by how long it ages in oak, whether that process is in barrels or bottles.

    Tempranillo and a blend of grapes, often Garnacha and Graciano, make up Rioja wines.

    Rioja Wine Info


    La Rioja is a province and community in northern Spain with a renowned local wine industry. Below the Cantabrian Mountains, vineyards occupy the Ebro valley and surround the old town of Haro. The summer festival features the messy Batalla de Vino (wine battle). Local wineries (bodegas) range from small, traditional cellars to major commercial producers.


    Grape varieties of Rioja include:






    The "old vines" of the Alavesa regions can produce very concentrated grapes but in low yields.


    A distinct characteristic of Rioja wine is the effect of oak aging. First introduced in the early 18th century by Bordeaux-influenced winemakers, the use of oak and the pronounced vanilla flavors in the wines has been a virtual trademark of the region though some modern winemakers are experimenting with making wines less influenced by oak. 


    What is Rioja wine

    Rioja is a region in Spain. As a Spanish wine, Rioja is one of only two DOCs that guarantees where it is made, how it is made, and how long it ages.

    What is Rioja wine like?

    Best known for its structure, tannins, and acidity, Rioja red wines have dark berries, cherries, and vanilla notes. When blended with other wine grape varieties, Rioja brings out a fruity flavor. 


    Young Riojas have good sweetness and sparse amounts of oak if any. An older Rioja has medium sweetness and medium to high oakiness.

    Is Rioja wine dry or sweet?

    Rioja's come in various drinking styles, but it is a dry wine. Therefore, blending in specific wine grapes will cause a Rioja to lean towards the sweeter side.

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