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MATERNIGO Valpolicella SUP. 2013 | Tedeschi

Its unique terroir is the birthplace of this truly aristocratic red wine.  A detailed subdivision made it possible to bring out the full potential of the Maternigo single site.  Here the vines are permanently monitored, and the ripening process is followed day by day.  The result is a complex red wine with race, which belongs to the best that the Valpolicella brings to the fore.  An original wine that is one of the greats and always causes a sensation at blind tastings.  Top all along the line! 

MATERNIGO Valpolicella SUP. 2013 | Tedeschi

  • MATERNIGO Valpolicella Superiore | Tedeschi


    40% Corvina

    30% Corvinone

    30% Rondinella

    Aged 14 months in Slavonian Oak

    14% Vol.


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