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GINRAW Barcelona Deluxe Gin | Ginraw

This high-quality deluxe gin from Barcelona is very eye-catching, both visually and sensually. The result of a patented distillation process that gently handles its ingredients' delicate aromas combined with a design that could hardly be more innovative. An exquisite composition, trendy, authentic, and refined at the same time. A must for every gin lover!

GINRAW Barcelona Deluxe Gin | Ginraw

  • GINRAW Barcelona Deluxe Gin | Ginraw


    Rotaval® Distillation process at 25 C°

    Each ingredient macerated 4-10 days and individually distilled

    42.3% Vol.


  • Crystal clear and 100% pure from foreign substances, as should be for a fine brandy. It is incredibly complex and rich in finesse like perfume to the nose. A spicy touch of juniper, expressive and profound but very fine in the heart. Hints of fresh citrus notes accompanied by floral nuances and balsamic tips. Sensational aroma volume on the palate, complex, elegant, and wonderfully mild to drink. The intro is velvety soft, powerful, and very harmonious. Noble and with delicate smoky nuance. Freshness and warmth coexist on a balsamic background. Aromatic fullness and filigree elegance. Individually and sanded to perfection. A radiant, grandiose gin that mutates into a sensual experience! Enjoy as GINRAW & Tonic, in mixed martinis or pure enjoyment!

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