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CAPITEL MONTE OLMI Grappa di Amarone 42% | Single Box | Tedeschi

CAPITEL MONTE OLMI Grappa di Amarone | Tedeschi

Since 1977 Paolo Marolo has dedicated himself to producing the finest grappas.  His extremely fine and handcrafted distillates mature in oak barrels in the Distilleria Santa Teresa in Alba.  This Tedeschi grappa was also made in his distillery.  Only the fresh pomace of the Capitel Monte Olmi location was used for this after the grapes had been processed for the legendary Amarone of the same name. It is one of the greatest wines in Italy. Therefore, it was clear from the start that only Morolo. 

CAPITEL MONTE OLMI Grappa di Amarone 42% | Single Box | Tedeschi

  • Small batch single vineyard Grappa

    Distilleria Marolo | Piemont

    Capitel Monte Olmi | 100% Trester

    Aged 24 months in French Oak

    42% Vol.


  • Its color reveals a bright, golden yellow with a slight amber tone.  In the nose an elegant fragrance, clean, complex, and fruity, notes of cherries and dark berries, almonds and delicate spices, typical Marolo style.  On the palate, one has the impression of being able to perceive the fresh and juicy, still wine-containing Amarone pomace of the Capitel Monte Olmi.  In the beginning, a delicate fusion of almond, anise, herbs, and a hint of licorice.  The two years of aging in barriques rounded off the whole thing and gave it elegance.  At its core, it reveals the typical notes of its DNA, which is shaped by its origin.  Aromas of cherries and blackberries, with almonds, hazelnuts, and raisins.  This grappa convinces in taste with its extraordinary elegance and its exquisite variety of fragrances, which delights both the nose and the palate.  A genuinely successful composition leaves you with the certainty that a master was at work here.

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