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BONANTO The Ultimate Aperitivo

This high-quality aperitivo from Barcelona is very eye-catching, both visually and sensually. Its creators created a wild card! An original combination of content and design that could hardly be more innovative. An exquisite composition, authentic and refined at the same time. A must for every aperitivo! Extremely trendy with the potential to be a lifestyle and scene mixer. Without a doubt, one of the best aperitivos that can be found far and wide, also from GINRAW! 

BONANTO The Ultimate Aperitivo

  • BONANTO The Ultimate Aperitivo

    Wine-based Aperitivo

    Low sugar value

    Secret recipe

    Gentle maceration of the individual ingredients

    22% Vol.



  • Its color is clear, sparkling ruby ​​red. The bouquet is intense, incredibly complex, and rich in finesse. Expressive and profound at the heart. Hints of orange zest and fully ripe red fruits, especially cherries, are joined by Mediterranean herbs and roots. On the palate, wonderful aromas with fine-spicy nuances, full of character, complex, refreshing, and stimulating. An original composition, powerful and delicate at the same time. Its finesse results from the very elaborate production process. A real all-rounder is a high-quality alternative to vermouth, Aperol, or Campari. Only with soda or tonic, with sparkling wine as a “spritz,” or in mixed martinis, but also pure on ice, an absolute pleasure! Perfect as an aperitivo, it guarantees a sociable get-together in mixed drinks or pure.

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