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ANESTASIA American Deluxe Vodka 40%

ANESTASIA American Deluxe Vodka

Anestasia Vodka is trendy and has blossomed into a lifestyle and scene spirit.  Today the Anestasia is without a doubt one of the best spirits in terms of quality that can be found far and wide.  Flawless, velvety soft, mild and incredibly elegant - simply a dream! 

ANESTASIA American Deluxe Vodka 40%

  • Hand-crafted American luxury Vodka

    5 x Distilled

    5 x Filtered


    40% Vol.



  • Crystal clear and 100% pure from foreign substances as it should be for a fine brandy.  In the extremely pure bouquet, delicate notes of brioche and roasted nuts unfold.  Unbelievably mild on the palate, completely pure and very soft.  Indeed, the unique bottle made of recycled glass reflects what is in it - a fine brandy in its purest form.  Its finesse results from the elaborate production process, which ensures unusual delicacy and pure purity.  Its lightness and extremely subtle aroma, reminiscent of the finest "crème brulée" with its delicate roasted and spicy notes, is very seductive and makes you want more. The quintessence of its origins! Perfect in cocktails, mixed drink creations or neat.

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