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BELPASSO Appassimento 2012 | Allegrini

Tradition meets modernization Even Giovanni, the father of the Allegrini siblings, attached great importance to the unique quality of his wines, which is how he made the winery world-famous.  The young Allegrini generation introduced some innovations to stick to traditions, but further developing the typicality and complexity of the wines: In addition to traditional large oak barrels, barriques were gradually being used, and the maturing time was shortened to preserve the taste of the grape variety and to be able to better maintain the freshness of the fruit aromas. Also, the planting density in Allegrini's vineyards was increased to drive the vines' roots deeper in the search for nutrients and thus increase the expression of the terroir in the wines.   The wide range of outstanding everyday wines and the fantastic flagship wines prove that all these modernizations of the Allegrini winery were crowned with success. Allegrini was not bound by any specifications and could combine classic Valpolicella grape varieties, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in this cuvée.

BELPASSO Appassimento 2012 | Allegrini

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  • BELPASSO Appassimento | Allegrini




    Cabernet Sauvignon


    13.5% Vol.

  •  It comes into the glass with a dense and charmingly sparkling ruby ​​red. It offers us a bouquet full of ripe red and blackberries, fresh and dried cherries, and a hint of elderberries.  The flavors continue with hints of violets, cloves, some bitter almonds, and dark chocolate. On the palate, it is wonderfully round, dense, and full-bodied.  The "passo" in the name reveals that some must from dried grapes was used here so that the Belpasso is similar in style to the Ripasso wines. This wine is also a dream in terms of taste. Silky tannins and fresh fruit acid provide a powerful yet youthful overall impression. 

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