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ALLEGRINI Amarone 2009 | Allegrini

Thanks to the knowledge gained through years of experimentation and research, Allegrini has perfected a style of Amarone capable of maintaining and enhancing the integrity of the fruit. Amarone is the fruit of all the wisdom of the Allegrini family, a true classic of the denomination, a red that sums up tradition, territory, and peasant knowledge.  Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Oseleta are left to wither until December, checking their health daily

ALLEGRINI Amarone 2009 | Allegrini

  • ALLEGRINI Amarone | Allegrini

    75% Corvina Veronese

    20% Rondinella

    5% Oseleta

    Aged 18 months in wood

    15.4% Vol.


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