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EDIZIONE n° 15 Cinque Autoctoni 2013 | Farnese

EDIZIONE | Farnese

Farnese is now one of the leading wineries in Italy and has its headquarters in Castello Caldora near Ortona, in Abruzzo. The past is glorious and history is in the air. Since the 14th-century high-quality wines have been produced here, which were already being enjoyed on many aristocratic tables. The fledgling company chose this medieval castle as its headquarters to support its philosophy of illustrating tradition and innovation. The pursuit of absolute quality has been the mission from the start. Now belongs next to that Stammahaus in Abruzzo also wineries in Campania, Basilicata, Apulia and Sicily for the portfolio. Under the competent direction of Farnese, high-quality wines with modern stylistics are produced that are used worldwide for Cause a stir. The renowned oenologist Filippo Baccalaro, who is responsible for the technical management especially turned to the local autochthonous grape varieties. He also had the idea of ​​choosing the best Grapes from Abruzzo and Puglia to make a top cuvée. The result was overwhelming and the success unstoppable. In this way he was able to demonstrate the region's potential in an impressive way, and that great wines are also possible in the south. Since then, this blend has come under the name EDIZIONE Cinque Autoctoni on the market. This opulent red wine is actually made up of 5 local ones, mainly in southern Italy cultivated varieties. After a meteoric rise, the FARNESE winery became thanks to his exceptional quality has been voted Italian winery of the year for the third time. The enterprise successfully exports to over 70 countries and is considered a real pioneer and leader in southern Italy.

EDIZIONE n° 15 Cinque Autoctoni 2013 | Farnese

79,00 CHF Standardpreis
59,00 CHFSale-Preis
  • The grapes are hand-picked with the greatest care and come exclusively from old vineyards. The very healthy and perfectly ripe berries are made immediately and as gently as possible using the latest processing technology. After a very long maceration of 25 days, the fermented wine is immediately transferred to new barrels. The aging takes place for 13 months in these barrels made only from the best oak. The wine matures in optimal conditions to the desired harmony. Then the unfiltered wine is gently bottled. The blend of grape varieties is masterfully coordinated and heralds the winemaker's instinct. The result is a really impressive wine, multifaceted, full of power and opulence, but without sacrificing harmony and elegance.

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